Andrew Jacob Rodriguez

EC Co-Founder


Lead Guitar , Vocals


Professional National and International touring artist musician for over a decade.




Andrew founded Elctrikchair in 2003.


Rodriguez directs, writes, composes arranges and performs original metal tunes for EC.


 His guitar skills highlight, flamenco, classical and jazz styles that are the elements of progressive metal.


Andrew is a highly regarded professional audio engineer, photographer, videographer and stage lighting manager.
























Bondy Valdovinos-Kaye

EC Contributing Artist

















If you would like to be considered an EC collaborating or contributing band member, please read this policy statement.  If you feel you can meet this criteria, contact us via the contact page of this website.


Policy Statement:


- Formal auditions will evaluate music skill levels, talent and performance experience.


- Performers must currently be attending a U.S. accredited college or university and be working toward a degree or have earned a degree from a U.S. accredited college or university in music or  any field of study and demonstrate exceptional music performance  ability and outstanding interpersonal skills.


- Exception:  Prospect can demonstrate exceptional skill and talent level and is attending or can establish genuine intent to attend a U.S. accredited college or university.  Additionally, this prospect must demonstrate exceptional maturity and outstanding interpersonal skills.


- It is not our intent to eliminate prospects based purely on whether or not a prospect has a college degree.  However, we view the efforts required in attaining a college or university degree as an indicator that an individual is able to set goals, work hard to achieve them and accomplish them.


- Professionals with no U.S. accredited college or university degree are eligible for consideration  if they can establish a long-standing performance experience exceeding five years, a team demeanor and exceptional maturity.


With exciting new projects on the horizon, EC will recruit contributing and collaborating band members on a project basis.


























Robert Francis Rodriguez

EC Co-Founder


Drums-Percussion, Support Vocals


Professional National and International touring artist musician for over a decade.




Bobby joined his brother as the co-founder of Elctrikchair at age eleven.


Robert, writes, composes, arranges and performs original tunes for EC.


At age twelve, Bobby performed professionally for thousands of metal fans at Milwaukee Metal Fest XVIII.


Bobby is a master of all drum styles including:  rock, swing, latin, R&B, samba, marching, funk, classical, rumba, blues, polka and a first-rate percussionist.





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